Development of existing uncultivated land bank into oil palm plantations

  • We intend to cultivate our existing uncultivated land bank within the next three (3) years following listing.

Acquisition of other oil palm plantations or additional land banks

  • We intend to double the size of our current cultivated oil palm plantation land within the next three (3) years following our listing by developing our existing uncultivated land banks, and through acquisitions.

Proposed construction of a co-composting plant to generate organic compost fertilisers from EFB (empty palm fruit bunches) and POME (palm oil mill effluent), and implementation of a clean development mechanism ("CDM") programme

  • The proposed co-composting method of treatment to be undertaken by the proposed co-composting plant will produce organic compost fertilisers which will result in savings on current expenditure for fertilisers used in our oil palm plantation.
  • The co-composting method of treatment of EFB and POME will also reduce the emission of methane gases compared to our existing traditional method of disposal of EFB and POME, and we may be accredited with Certified Emission Reductions ("CER") (or its EU-ETS (as defined herein) equivalent of EUA (as defined herein)) for our efforts at reducing methane emissions pursuant to our proposed implementation of a CDM programme (subject to registration with the relevant certification body under the Kyoto Protocol), and derive potential revenue from the trading of such CER (or its EU-ETS equivalent of EUA).
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