The Identity of Global Palm Resources Holdings Limited

Our corporate logo features a circular formation of five symbols in different colours, each representing the natural resources and gifts that we depend on for the growth of our oil palms.

Starting at the top, the golden symbol represents sunshine, which is freely given to us. The sun's light, beaming down on our oil palms over time, produces the photosynthesis that allows them to grow from a small seed to a giant, fruit bearing tree.

To the left, the blue symbol represents the natural watering of our plants that occur through the abundant rainfall our plantation receives each year.

The third symbol in green serves to depict the natural environment around our plantation. Lush with life and resplendent with the ability to produce healthy vegetation, it is in this environment that our oil palms thrive and bear fruit.

The red symbol represents the nutrient-rich soil that we inherit with the land. With the capacity to fertilize and serve as a catalyst for growth, this soil is yet another reminder of how strategically located our oil palm operations are in Indonesia.

Each of these natural resources, freely provided to us, contributes to the success of our business. This success is displayed by the last golden symbol which not only represents our golden palm oil but also alludes to our core value of excellence.

To whom much is given, much is required. We aim to be responsible with all that has been entrusted to us. We see ourselves as stewards of these articles, and believe that it is our duty to act on them in an excellent, responsible and sustainable way; producing maximum fruit. This final symbol, completing the cycle with gold, represents the role that Global Palm Resources is committed to play.

Though small in comparison to the generosity given to us, the role we aspire to play is just as critical. We are firmly committed to take what we have and manage it in an efficient, environmentally and socially responsible way. In the process, we aim to deliver long-term sustainable value to our investors and stakeholders.

Inspired to humility by the external generosity of the entire process, we are committed to leave the land and its inhabitants better off than we found them.

Global Palm Resources Holdings Limited - Benefiting People and the Planet.  

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