Access to land banks suitable for future cultivation of oil palms

  • We have a land bank of 3,826 ha available for future cultivation, and have secured a call option from the shareholders of PT Cemaru Lestari ("PT Cemaru") to acquire an aggregate of 95% of their interests in PT Cemaru which holds Hak Guna Usaha to approximately 6,429 ha of oil palm plantation land of which approximately 1,384 ha has been cultivated.

Our oil palms are in their peak production period

  • As at 30 September 2010, approximately 83.3% of our oil palms, including those cultivated pursuant to the Cooperation agreements, are in their peak production period from their 7th through 18th years, and the remaining still to enter this stage. Fully mature oil palms generally produce 15 to 22 tons of FFB per ha.
  • We believe the age profile of our oil palms enables us to increase FFB production over the next several years with minimal increases in production costs and capital expenditure.

Experienced management team

  • Our Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Suparno Adijanto, and our Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Thomas Agap Lim, both of whom are responsible for spearheading our growth, have an average of approximately 17 years' experience in the oil palm plantation business.
  • They possess the relevant business experience and understand the business conditions of the oil palm industry, giving us an advantage over new startups.
  • Our Executive Directors are supported by our experienced management team of Key Executives.

Goodwill with and support from local communities and government agencies, and a stable labour force

  • Our production process seeks to minimise adverse effects on the natural environment.
  • Adopt an employee-centric approach with a view to being identified as the employer of choice within the local communities and government agencies.
  • Such initiatives have contributed to our high employee retention rate and staff morale.

Strong support from and ability to leverage on the goodwill of our Founders

  • Our Founders have established themselves as reputable and credible businessmen in the West Kalimantan area and are active in community projects
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