The harvesting of our oil palms begins when they reach maturity which is approximately three (3) years after being planted in the fields. As our oil palms continue to mature, their yield increases and they generally reach peak production between their 7th to 18th year of growth. The yields of our oil palms are expected to gradually decrease after their 18th year. Each oil palm in our oil palm plantation is harvested for FFB once every 10 days.

We harvest the FFB of our oil palms only when an appropriate quantity of fruit becomes detached from the FFB, indicating peak ripeness. The ripeness of FFB harvested is critical in maximising the quality and quantity of palm oil extraction. Loose fruits are collected together with the harvested FFB to minimize wastage.

FFB harvested from PT Prakarsa's oil palms and oil palms obtained pursuant to the Cooperation Agreements are transported by trucks to our palm oil mill. We typically process 100% of our FFB within 24 hours after harvesting to minimise the build-up of FFA, which reduce the quality of CPO extracted.

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